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Jewish Heritage Tours: Why You Should Go At Least Once


Every year thousands of Jews create incredible memories by making Jewish Heritage Tours in Israel.

If you are thinking of finding a way to reconnect with your Jewish roots, taking a Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel is the best way to do it! If you are still not convinced to do so, these are the reasons why you should do a Jewish Heritage Tour: 

Reconnect with your roots 

Sure, there is a lot of online information if you are looking to learn more about your country of origin’s history. Still, there is no better way to reconnect with your Jewish roots than by travelling to Israel and experiencing it first-hand!

Picture yourself visiting the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa; riding a camel; or visiting historical sites like the Western Wall, Ein Gedi, or the Hertzel Museum. Seeing it through your own eyes is better than seeing it in photographs! 

Getting to know all these places is much more enriching if an experienced tour guide accompanies you during your trip. They will help you learn more about each site you visit and organize your trip to make the most of your stay in Israel. That is why people trust ITAS Tours so much! Our tour guides have more than 80 years of experience doing Jewish Heritage Tours and will know how to create an unforgettable experience.

You will get to know the most important biblical sites in Israel

Without a doubt, the best place in the world to visit the history of Jews is Israel. Here a few areas that you must see if you want to reconnect with your roots:

Important Jerusalem Sites:

● Western Wall

● Jewish Quarter

● Yad Vashem

● The Great Synagogue

● The Knesset

● Herzl Museum

● Shrine of the Book

Important sites in Coastal Israel

●Tel Aviv

● Caesarea

● Haifa

● Baha’i Center

● Rosh HaNikra

● Acre

Important sites in Southern Israel

● Masada

● Ein Gedi

● Qumran

● Dead Sea

Important Sites in Northern Israel

● Golan Heights

● Mt. Bental

● Kibbutz Elrom

These are just some of the important sites that you can visit on a Jewish Heritage Tour. Some tourist guides, such as ITAS Tours, also allow you to do personalized tours to choose all the activities and places you want to do during your trip.

Israel has some of the most beautiful places and landscapes in the world.

Being right between the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba to the south, Israel has some of the most beautiful natural scenery to see in the world. From the beautiful beaches right in Tel-Aviv to incredible rocky formations in the desert, there is no shortage of diverse sights to get see.

Gordon Beach

Right on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Tel-Aviv, this beach is the most dreamlike place to enjoy an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball, and enjoying the freshest local cuisine available. After the sun goes down, the fun continues with music and parties filled with energy and enjoyment.

Red Canyon

This magical place formed by incredibly tall carved walls of red rock feels like it was taken directly from Mars.There are many hiking trails available, some very easy to bring kids along, and some more challenging that aimed at experienced hikers.

Timna Park

In the middle of the Negev Desert, there is a place full of history dating back to the ancient Egyptian Empire, among incredible natural formations formed by volcanic eruptions known as Solomon’s Pillars. You can even stay and camp through the night to experience some of the best conditions for stargazing!

Golan Heights

If you want to visit a beautiful natural landscape full of mountains, grass, creeks and trees, this is the place to go during the summer. But, if you are interested in going during the winter, be prepared to encounter the perfect place for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.

Dead Sea

If you have ever seen pictures of people casually floating in the water without moving a muscle, those people were floating on the Dead Sea. Because of its incredibly high salt content, the Dead Sea water is so dense that people can just lie down as if it was magic!

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Reconnect with your roots, enjoy vacationing with family and friends, and getting to know the beautiful natural landscapes of Israel. The experts at ITAS Tours are ready to guide you and help you have a Jewish Heritage Tour that you will never forget. Contact us now!

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