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Unique Ideas for Family Trips to Israel


Are you currently planning on taking a vacation with your family, but you still haven’t decided where to go? Then why not take them to the country of Israel. Even though Israel is a small country most commonly visited for religious or historical purposes, it is also a perfect and entertaining place to travel with your family.

Israel offers opportunities for both adults and kids to be entertained and learn more about Israel’s culture. To make the most of your family time, here are some fun ideas of the things you can do with them in Israel.

Float in the Dead Sea
Visit the lowest point on earth, consisting of 33% salt, which is ten times the typical amount found in the ocean. For this reason, once you’re in it you’re unsinkable! In the Dead Sea, you can sit up in the water, read a newspaper, relax and float! It also contains mud with excellent properties for your skin that even kids will have fun scooping it up and spreading it all over.

Visit Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Ein Gedi is the biggest oasis in Israel, containing springs and waterfalls and serves as a nature reserve to protect its flora and fauna. It features spectacular beauty, varied landscapes, and botanical gardens. You and your family will be able to enjoy a lovely hike and have fun under the waterfalls, bathing and splashing in the cool waters.

Enjoy Water Activities in Eilat
Eilat is the southernmost town in Israel, which is located on the coast of the Red Sea. It is safe and has gorgeous beaches that are the perfect place to do all sorts of water activities with your family, such as surfing, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, even riding on a glass-bottom boat.

Explore the Ruins of Caesarea
Caesarea is originally an ancient Herodian port city located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast that suffered from many earthquakes, causing it to be now all in ruins. It has since been preserved, making it an excellent place for the family to climb and explore its ruins and take in the view.

It is also a fantastic place to visit since it is the home to the world’s only underwater museum where you can dive through the sunken ruins of this ancient city.

Discover New Things in Weizmann Institute of Science
If you prefer doing some indoor activities with your family, we highly recommend visiting the Weizmann Institute of Science. You and your family will be able to not only learn more facts related to physics, biology and chemistry, but you will also be able to interact with its exhibits. You and your family will be able to have fun while learning without even noticing.

These are only a few ideas of the different places you can explore with your family if you travel to Israel. At Israel Travel Advisory Service (ITAS), we have been sending adults and families to Israel for more than 45 years, ensuring hands-on, educational, and fun travel programs for families when travelling to Israel.

We recommend getting in touch with us on our website to learn more about the current itineraries we currently have to offer, or better yet, let us help you make one according to your interests.

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