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Booking a tour of Israel for an Unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah


The Jewish community can easily agree that there are very few life experiences that can rival the spiritual meaningfulness of both bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

For the child in question, there’s nothing that can match the notion of knowing you’re finally transitioning into the following stages of life. Likewise, there’s nothing like watching your children taking their very first steps into adulthood.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that you would want to ensure that the entire celebration is the best version of itself it can be. After all, people can only have one bar/bat mitzvah per lifetime.

Furthermore, your Jewish connection doesn’t necessarily end after the celebrations are done, so you might as well show it proudly.

For an experience unlike any other to get your family closer to their Jewish heritage, you can’t go wrong with planning for your children’s bar/bat mitzvah to take place in the Holy Land itself, accompanied by a tour of the same.

We understand that this might be an entirely new concept for some. Here are our tips for understanding what booking a bar/bat mitzvah tour of Israel entails.

We intend that, once you’ve skimmed through this article, you can rest assured knowing that you can organize a most unforgettable experience.

Going through touring options

With so many things to see in the beautiful land of Israel, your best bet for getting the most out of the experience is to sign up for a full-fledged tour.

Not only will it help you keep things tidy and organized, but it will also help you see the most locations—all with relative ease.

However, did you know that there’s more than one type of tour for you to choose from? Each with their respective pros and cons? Well, now you do.

So, to ensure that you pick the one that’s best for you, here’s what you should know about the three main options.

Quick note. For all intended purposes, when researching for potential tour providers, do make sure that you’re specifically looking at those who also offer bar/bat mitzvah-related services.

Book a private tour for your family

By booking a private tour, your family tour needs will be taken care of by a qualified guide, who will be handling all the logistics of both your tour and your bar/bat mitzvah celebration, all based on your exact specifications.

In other words, this option gives your entire planning process the utmost flexibility. Even if your tour guide is doing most of the accommodating things, your inputs will still have the highest priority.

Furthermore, tour guides are well-known for having extensive knowledge of the area surrounding them. As this will be a private tour for your family, you can rest assured that you all will be able to maintain an in-depth dialogue with your guide at any time during the tour.

Do keep in mind that this option will likely require you to independently plan all flight and hotel arrangements.

Join a premade group tour

Like a private tour, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of by joining a premade one, with little to no input on your part. However, they differ because premade groups typically include travel arrangements, hotel services and even daily meals. More importantly, they tend to have it all under the same price. Now, that’s something you’re not going to get with a private tour.

Furthermore, these kinds of groups usually consist of families, all with children of the same ages. In a way, aside from the tour and bar/bat mitzvah themselves, a premade group tour will also be giving you an intergenerational Jewish bonding experience for all your family.

Nonetheless, your family might feel more comfortable spending this time with each other. So make sure to consider everyone’s preferences before making a choice.

Depending on what everybody wants, you might prefer to keep things a little more private.

Design a tour by yourself

On a completely different note, there’s also the chance that you’re familiar with the country. Maybe you’ve already visited before, or perhaps you have relatives living there who could lend a hand during your trip.

If this is the case, you might feel comfortable planning it all on your own. The flights, hotel reservations, bar/bat mitzvah ceremony, the daily touring, meal reservations etc… While this takes a good deal of logistical know-how, it affords you the greatest flexibility.

By designing a tour by yourself, you are now in control of absolutely everything. Nonetheless, you’ll find yourself in need of doing thorough research regarding preparations for the ceremony. Not to mention all your day trips.

Other than that, do remember to give an answer of your own to the following questions:

  • Where will we go?
  • Where will we stay?
  • What will we do?

Feel free to come up with priority answers and answers, which you can skip on if needed. In the long run, you might get some use out of that kind of system.

Or you could start planning your family’s next unforgettable experience with ITAS Tours – the originator of the Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours!

At the Israel Travel Advisory Service, we pride ourselves on giving the Jewish community a chance to reconnect with their roots. All while still enjoying a perfect family vacation amidst an extraordinary bar/bat mitzvah celebration. A private family bar or bat mitzvah will allow you to select your level of accommodations, sites to include, airline preference and much more.

With over 45 years of experience, you and your family can rest assured that your needs will be attended to with the utmost safety and quality.

For more information, visit today at ITAS Website.

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