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Autumn in Israel: The Best Events


Israel in autumn is ripe with all kinds of exciting things to see and experience, with the added bonus of cooler nights and relatively shorter, albeit warm days. When planning custom Israel tours in the fall season, don’t miss out on the chance to visit at least one of the many festivals that typically happen around the final quarter of the year. Israel’s fall season is also the best time for many outdoor activities, which is why the period between September and December is very popular for Israel tours.

For the nature lover, catch the annual Hula Valley Bird Festival, which celebrates the migratory birds that pass through Israel on their way to and from other parts of the world like Asia, Africa, and Europe. The best places to witness flocks of birds include the Negev and the Agamon Hula Ornithology and Nature Park. The migration is an amazing sight to see, especially if you are fond of winged creatures.

If you aren’t around during November or April, when this migration typically takes place, Israel still has many exciting offerings throughout the fall season, like art and music festivals, bicycling tours and events, and even local and international film festivals, which decorate the streets with colorful merriment that everyone can take part in. Keep an eye out for Israel Travel Advisory Service tours on the actual dates of some popular festivities or build your own group tour. Some popular annual festivals you can look forward to include the Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival, Baroque Opera Festival, Haifa International Film Festival, Tamar Music Festival, and the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, among many others.

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