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Packing Tips for Your Next Israel Tour


Packing lists are personal and should be based upon your own travel essentials, but it doesn’t hurt taking suggestions from seasoned travelers who have experienced Israel tours way before you, and therefore, have great insider knowledge on what you will need once you’ve stepped onto the Holy Land. Custom Israel tours are all unique in their collection of destinations and activities and packing for your own Israel vacation tours should be based upon when you will visit, which places you will be exploring, and the kinds of activities you will set out to do. Just the same, there are several basic items that you shouldn’t forget to include in your packing list such as:

  • Bring appropriate and modest clothing. Even when your itinerary isn’t exactly built around Israel Jewish tours, you will more than likely visit religious sites, with Israel being filled with places taken straight out of the Bible. Synagogues, mosques, churches, and religious landmarks are mainstays in Israel tours, which is why it is best to pack and wear modest clothing. When visiting churches, mosques, or synagogues, it’s good to pack wraps and shawls or scarf for women to cover their shoulders or put over their heads. Men on the other hand, should wear pants that go below the knees and sleeved shirts rather than vests or tank tops. Women should likewise refrain from wearing dresses that are too short or clothes that are too revealing. The general clothing climate in Israel is on the casual and comfortable side.
  • It is good to have a day pack to bring with you on tours. Israel family tours that include active adventures can be extra demanding, which is why it pays having a day pack so you can bring a change of clothes, some refreshments, and all other essentials like your camera, phone, and other supplies.
  • Pack comfortable walking shoes. Many Israel vacation tours involve a lot of walking, which is why it is important to have comfortable footwear with you at all times, along with proper sports or hiking gear, if you are into more extreme adventures. Sandals and flip flops are best for beach areas.

Whatever you do, don’t forget sun protection to keep your skin, face, and eyes from the harsh rays of the Middle Eastern sun. Pack sunscreen, a sun hat, and sun glasses regardless of the time of year.

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