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Top Sites to Visit in Israel this Summer


Israel vacation tours are the ultimate dream for those of Jewish descent as well as those who have embraced and devoted their lives to Judaism. As the melting pot of Jewish history and culture, Israel has an abundance of historically and culturally significant sites and attractions that are definite must-sees when embarking on custom Israel tours:

Jerusalem’s Western Wall

One of the most sacred places in Judaism is the Western Wall or Kotel. It is among the most visited sites in Israel, attracting thousands upon thousands of visitor’s year in and year out. At sunset on Friday’s Jews gather for a magical experience at the Kotel as they welcome in the Shabbat together. The underground tunnels are also worth visiting, comprised of excavations beneath the wall. These tunnels reveal stunning structures from significant eras including the Hasmonean, Herodian, Mamluk, and Umayyad periods. The Western Wall tunnels will lead you to all kinds of exciting discoveries, including underground structures like the Western Stone, which is one of the largest building blocks in the world.

The Jewish Quarter

Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter is something you do not want to miss. The Jewish Quarter isn’t only home to the Western Wall, but also a range of other important landmarks, like the Tower of David and the Temple Mount (Mt. Moriah). The Tower of David can be found near Jaffa Gate. This citadel comes alive at night with a spectacular sound and light show.


Masada is now a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site. It was built by Herod the Great way back 30 BCE, as an imposing mountain fortress that offers incredible historical and cultural significance to the region. Among the ruins are Herod’s palace, terraces, store houses, bath house, and Roman siege ramp.

City of David

This site is exactly where King David established the kingdom he was promised. Today, the city is an amazing archaeological park rife with historically significant artifacts.

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