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Why a Visit to Jerusalem Must be on Your Travel List


Jerusalem is a holy city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Anyone that has a deep interest in the culture, religion, and history of the region must make this incredible journey to Israel. Hiring Jewish Israel tours as an escort while traveling throughout the country is sure to provide peace of mind and make the best use of your time.

While touring Jerusalem, be sure to visit the Temple Mount complex, known in Hebrew as HarHaBayit (Mount of the House of God), the place where the 1st and 2nd Jewish Temples stood. Place your prayer notes inside the crevices of the Western Wall which is holy to Judaism. Tour the Rabbinical Tunnel: this underground tunnel exposes the full length of the Western Wall. See the massiveness of this gigantic structure.

The Arab shukis situated in the Christian and Muslim Quarters of Jerusalem’s walled old city. It is a colorful market and attracts a varied crowd of people: Jews on their way to services at the Western Wall and Christian touring the Old City and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.It is probably one of the best places in Israel to purchase authentic mementos for your trip. You can also get incredible deals if you can bargain with the lively shopkeepers. Don’t worry, this is a very common practice.

Jerusalem has the world’s largest Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem which marks the memory of millions of Jews who were killed during the World War II. It is expanded in an area of 45-acre complex and houses an historical museum, art exhibitions, synagogue, library, commemorative sites and more. It is Israel’s second most-visited site after the Western Wall. You can also visit the museum to know the real stories behind the Holocaust.

Another reason to visit the city of Jerusalem in Israel is to experience its amazing food. The culinary landscape is made up of the cuisines of countless immigrants who have made Jerusalem their home. Grab a falafel or shawarma to experience the street food or grab a seat in one of the chef-driven fine dining establishments to taste delicious and mouthwatering dishes.

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