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4 Random Facts About Israel that You Probably Didn't Know


Israel is the land of beautiful historical museums, mosques, temples, shrines, etc. and holds a special place for people following the religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. While it has been a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, there are some random facts about Israel and its art and culture that everyone does not know.

Here are a few random but interesting facts about Israel that you need to know:

Amazing Cities: Israel is a historical land and has many great cities such as Tel Aviv popular for its Bauhaus architecture, sandy beaches, and exciting nightlife. The old city of Jerusalem has many sacred places such as churches, mosques, and shrines. You can join various synagogue tours to explore the historical side of Israel. Haifa city also has amazing destinations such as the incredible Bahai Garden and Carmel Mountain.

Beautiful Scenery: Israel has beautiful scenic views and includes diverse landscape. While traveling in the country you are most likely to get mesmerized by the amazing beauty it has to offer. Some of the amazing sites that make Israel one of the best tourist vacation spots is that it has numerous beaches and is surrounded by the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Galilee mountains which are breathtaking destinations.

Explore Kibbutz: Kibbutz is a word that is synonymous with Israel. It is a revolutionary and innovative concept that began around the year 1905 and introduced the world to the commune way of life. Kibbutzes are small settlements which are self-sufficient in every way. The people in the settlement jointly own and work on the land; they sell the produce themselves and are self-contained. Kibbutzes are the little Utopias of Israel and a way of life that one must experience when they visit Israel.

Israeli Food: People from a variety of cultures and religion are a part of Israel making it a culturally diversified country. As a result, there is an enormous range of great exotic food to choose from in Israel such as Hummus, Falafel, Tahini, Kanafeh, Shakshuka, etc. Your taste buds too will have an experience of a lifetime in Israel.

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