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Enjoy a Memorable Trip to Israel

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If your goal is to enjoy a memorable trip to Israel, Israel Travel Advisory Service (ITAS) is here to guide and assist you in creating the perfect itinerary! With 50 years in the Israel travel industry, ITAS has the expertise to ensure your Israel tour is nothing short of amazing. With our advice and oversight, we guarantee you will enjoy a memorable trip to Israel!

Most importantly, in order to get the most out of your trip to Israel we’ll help you create an itinerary that maximizes your time. As a result, you’ll also receive the most value for your money! Relax as you travel the country visiting the myriad of ancient sites, UN World Heritage Sites, wineries, ancient and modern architecture, world class museums while we take care of all logistics. As a result, there’s no need for you to worry about finding the best places to visit, where to eat dinner or rest for the night. ITAS takes into consideration the level of hotel you desire and makes all the arrangements ahead of time. Your job will be to let us escort you throughout Israel using our modern state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles driven by professional drivers and accompanied by expert Israeli guides. Our friendly hand-picked guides will share their vast knowledge in the areas of Israel’s history, religion, arts, culture, cuisine and more.

Part of being able to enjoy a memorable trip to Israel is being able to focus on all the wonderful places you’ll visit while sharing the experience with loved ones in a worry and carefree state of mind. This will be hard to do if you are constantly checking maps, bus schedules, event schedules and more. Have a special event your celebrating? We can take care of all the details for that too! Above all, ITAS was to make sure you cherish your time in this exciting destination.

Why wait any longer? Let ITAS help you create a memorable trip to Israel you can enjoy and talk about for years to come.

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Israel Jewish Heritage Tour Itinerary

When you choose Israel Travel Advisory Service (ITAS) to deliver your customized Israel Jewish Heritage Tour itinerary – you’ve selected the very BEST! With 50 years’ experience in the Israel travel industry, ITAS offers the utmost care and attention to ensure an unforgettable Jewish Heritage tour experience. Whether you’re creating a vacation tour for family and friends, a relaxing business retreat or an epic educational experience, ITAS has the expertise to provide the highest quality Israel tour available. Your guests will not be disappointed in the level of service provided regardless of the size of your group. ITAS has prepared and executed trips for individuals and groups of up to 600 people. ITAS will assist you in selecting a departure date, flights, hotel accommodations, and historic, religious and cultural sites to see throughout Israel. The tour is designed to connect with participants from a Jewish perspective. There are numerous sites you’ll want to visit during your Israel Jewish Heritage tour itinerary. Some highlights include:

  • Western Wall Tunnels – underground tunnel exposing the greatest portion of the ancient Western Wall
  • Old City of Jerusalem – visit the unique shops at the Cardo Maximus in the Jewish Quarter
  • The Israel National Museum – a world class museum housing the Great Isaiah Scroll among other Dead Sea Scrolls and priceless artifacts
  • Masada – location of King Herod’s desert fortress
  • Beit She’an Archaeological Park – Israel’s largest archaeological excavation
  • The Dead Sea – float on the unsinkable waters of the Dead Sea
  • Eilat – Israel’s southernmost port which sits on the Red Sea, Eilat is very much a resort city.
  • Safed – charming ancient city with cobblestone alleyways, artist galleries and medieval synagogues.
  • Yad Vashem – Israel’s National Holocaust Museum
  • Caesarea – Roman ruins on the Mediterranean Sea shore
  • Knesset – Israel’s parliament building
  • The Baha’i Temple and Gardens – a UNESCO World Heritage site

Learn more about the top must-see sites in Israel

Sample Israel Jewish Heritage Tour Itinerary

Day 1


Non-stop overnight flight from USA to Tel-Aviv.

Day 2


Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, you will be meet your ITAS guide & driver then proceed to Jerusalem. Upon entering Jerusalem, you will have an opportunity to recite the “Shehechayanu” blessing. Welcome Shabbat at the Western Wall. Shabbat dinner & overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 3


Enjoy a full day at rest to celebrate Shabbat or participate in a walking tour of the Old City starting with a 20-30 minute walk to reach the Old City. Enter the City via the Jaffa Gate &  through the narrow cobblestone walkways of the Christian, Moslem & Armenian Quarters. Continue along the Via Dolorosa, the “way of sorrows,” to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The walking tour ends at the “Tower of David”, where the Museum offers a photographic history of Jerusalem explaining the 4000-year-old story of the city. Take time to climb the ramparts of the citadel to enjoy a 360-degree view of the Old City and the New City of Jerusalem. Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 4


Enter the Old City via the Zion Gate. Walk through the restored Jewish Quarter, passing through the Roman Cardo. Walk within the Rabbinical Tunnel & the Davidson Center (Southern Wall excavations). Drive to the Israel National Museum to see the Shrine of the Book, housing the Dead Sea Scrolls, & a model of Jerusalem  during the 2nd Temple period. Next, visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust, for a Yizkor service. Visit the Children’s Pavilion & the Valley of Destroyed Communities. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 5


Stop to view the bronze Knesset Menorah, situated across from the Knesset (Israel Parliament) building. Next, drive to Ein Karem to view Chagall’s famous stained glass windows at the synagogue of the Hadassah Hospital. Visit the Hertzel Museum on Mount Herzel, Israel’s military cemetery & pay respects at the tomb of Yitzhak Rabin. Drive through the Ayalon Valley to Latrun, and tour its Armour Corps Museum. End the day at Neot Kdumim, where you will have the opportunity to step into the biblical landscape of our ancestors (seven spices, Hag Ha’asif, the time of in-gathering & the four spices tour). Fulfill a mitzvah for the land of Israel by planting a tree. Dinner in a restaurant at Abu Gosh. Return to Jerusalem. Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 6


Travel through the Judean wilderness along the shores of the Dead Sea to Masada. Ascend Masada by cable car to view the ruins of Herod’s desert fortress: palace, storerooms, bathhouse & waterworks. Eat lunch at one of the Dead Sea Hotel and after   enjoy the spa facilities (optional) including the unique sensation of a “float” on the unsinkable Dead Sea. Continue your Dead Sea adventure with a visit to Ein Gedi, the oasis of the Judean desert. Take a short hike to the waterfalls. Enroute back to Jerusalem, pass the caves of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Dinner on your own. Overnight: Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 7


Depart Jerusalem & drive to Caesarea. Explore the Roman Theater & the Aqueduct. Proceed to Haifa; ascend Mount Carmel; delight in the stellar view of the Mediterranean coastline & the stunning terraced gardens of the Baha’i Center. Visit the Druze Village of Ussifiya—time to learn about these unique Israeli citizens—including lunch. Drive along the coast to Acre, a former Crusader stronghold. Roam the ruins, including the knights’ center and dining hall. End the day with a visit to Rosh HaNikra for a cable car ride to the beautiful grottoes. Dinner & overnight: Kibbutz Guest House.



Today we will explore the Golan Heights by jeep! Afterward, continue by motor-coach to Mt. Bental for an observation of Kuneitra & Syria. While in the Golan Heights we will also visit OZ 77 at Kibbutz Elrom, where you will learn the history of the Golan Heights. Visit one of Israel’s famous wineries where you will have an opportunity to taste the wine. End this day with a tour & lecture about life in the kibbutz. Participate in an Israeli folk dance lesson. Dinner & Overnight: Kibbutz Guest House.



This morning will drive to the mystic city of Safed, home of the Kabala. This charming town, filled with cobblestone streets, lined with ancient synagogues & art galleries offers breathtaking views of the entire Galilee. We then continue to Zippori to see its large excavations of a prosperous city of the Roman period. End your touring day in Tel Aviv visiting the famous Carmel Market and Nachalat Binyamin, the arts & crafts market. Shabbat dinner at the hotel. Overnight: Hotel in Tel Aviv.

DAY 10


Today is yours – to explore, shop, stroll along the seafront promenade or swim in the Mediterranean Sea! Late check out from the hotel. Farewell Dinner. Transfer to the airport for your flight back to the USA.

DAY 11


Your flight back departs after midnight. Return home filled with a treasury of family-shared memories for a lifetime! Arrive USA the same day.

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Top Must-See Sites in Israel

For many, visiting Israel is a dream come true. Thus, the importance of maximizing your time while there is something tour operators take into great consideration when creating customized tours. If your unfamiliar with Israel the help of a knowledgeable tour guide is extremely beneficial. And there are so many amazing sites to see it’s hard to choose which ones to make a priority during your Israel vacation itinerary. To help you with that ITAS (Israel Travel Advisory Service) has created a list of some of the top must-see sites in Israel.

Western Wall

Nearly 3 million people visit the Western Wall annually. Around 19 BC King Herod the Great began a massive expansion project, besides rebuilding the Jewish Temple, he extended the platform on which it stood. The Western Wall we see today is part of the retaining walls built during that time. Most of the stones used to build the wall weigh between 2 and 8 tons each, but others weigh even more, with one incredibly large stone located in the northern section of Wilson’s Arch measuring 43 ft. and weighing approximately 570 tons. The Western Wall is approximately 1600-feet-long, most of it is concealed by buildings. Due to restrictions put on Jews from entering the Temple Mount, the Western Wall plaza is the closest connection to the Temple. For this reason, it is the holiest site in Judaism.

The Temple Mount – Western Wall and The Golden Dome Of The Rock In The Old City Of Jerusalem, Israel

The Temple Mount – Western Wall and the golden Dome of the Rock in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel

Caesarea Harbor National Park

In 31 BCE Augustus Caesar gifted a small Phoenician town to Herod the Great. He renamed it after the Emperor and built a major port, palace, bathhouse, hippodrome, stables and other impressive structures such as the aqueduct and Roman amphitheater. Visitors today can enjoy a breathtaking view the Mediterranean coastline as they stroll amongst the ancient ruins of Caesarea. A new Visitor Center offers a media presentation and rare archaeological artifacts inside one of the original vaults built by Herod.

Top Must-See Sites in Israel

Caesarea – Roman Amphitheater

Baha’i Gardens

On the list of World Heritage sites, the Baha’i Garden and Shrine complex is the holiest site for the Baha’i faith. It is also Haifa’s #1 attraction because of its stunning beauty and grandeur. The main garden is comprised of 19 steep terraces full of lovely flowers, fountains and small sculptures. From its base this striking floral staircase extends a half mile up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. Standing on its top terrace you can see the Haifa city and port, Akko, and the hills of Galilee.

Top Must-See Sites in Israel

Baha’i Gardens

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on Earth at roughly 1400 feet below sea level. It is one of the saltiest lakes with a salinity of approx. 34%. The Dead Sea lies in the Jordan Rift Valley bordered to the east by Jordan and to the west by Israel and the West Bank. Due to its harsh saline environment nothing can grow in it, however due to it’s high mineral contents, Dead Sea mud has been touted for its therapeutic properties for centuries.

Top Must-See Sites in Israel

The Dead Sea

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is Israel’s National Holocaust Museum and the largest of its kind in the world. The museum exhibits provide an accurate historical account, through various media, of the atrocities the Jewish people endured during World War II. Yad Vashem preserves the memory of those who perished and honors those who fought valiantly against the oppressors. It is a site every visitor to Israel should see for themselves to better understand the magnitude of this atrocity.

Top Must-See Sites in Israel

Yad Vashem Cattle Car

Our list of the top must-see sites in Israel could be much longer! Other amazing sites to include on your Israel vacation itinerary are: the City of David, Masada (another World Heritage site), Independence Hall, Rosh HaNikra, and the Jewish Quarter to name just a few.

Israel Travel Advisory Service is a highly respected, full-service tour operator specializing in Jewish Heritage tours of Israel. Contact:

Visit Beautiful Israel Synagogues

A trip to the ancient land of Israel isn’t complete without a visit to some of its spectacular synagogues. You can easily request these sites from Israel travel companies which offer custom Israel itineraries. There are so many impressive synagogues scattered throughout Israel, in this blog entry we’ll look at three of them: the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City, the Abuhav Synagogue in Safed, and Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue. Each of theses synagogues are unique and worthy of a visit during an Israel vacation.

The Hurva Synagogue, originally founded in 1721, is in Jerusalem’s Old City. It was destroyed years later and lay in ruins for over 100 years. Rebuilt in 1864, the Hurva Synagogue was the central space used by the Ashkenazi Jewish community to gather for meetings and worship until its destruction by the Arab Legion in the 1948 War of Independence. Ten years later, a 52-foot commemorative arch was built over the ruins as a memorial. In 2010, a replica of the synagogue which was built on the site 150 years earlier was rededicated as a place of worship. The Hurva Synagogue is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Jewish people. One of its most spectacular features is the breathtaking 360-degree views of Jerusalem from the veranda which surrounds the dome.

Beautiful Israel Synagogue

The Abuhav Synagogue is another splendid site to visit during a custom Israel itinerary. This synagogue houses the oldest Torah scroll in Safed, believed to have been written by the Spanish Rabbi, Isaac Abuhav. Built in the fifteenth century – the interior dome is adorned with images of musical instruments used in the Temple in Jerusalem and various symbols from the tribes of Israel. Legend has it that Rabbi Abuhav and his followers built the synagogue in Safed around 1490, after expulsion from Spain. The synagogue is often visited by groups touring the Jewish homeland.

Lastly, is the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. Built with funds provided by Sir Isaac Wolfson, a Jewish philanthropist from Great Britain, the Great Synagogue was consecrated on August 4, 1982 in memory of the six-million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. The Synagogue is the largest in the world. Its façade design is based on the Second Jewish Temple. The sanctuary features a colossal chandelier and gorgeous stained-glass above the Aron Kodesh. Free guided tours of the Great Synagogue are available when you call ahead. Or better still, let Israel Travel Advisory Service prepare the perfect custom Israel itinerary for you and your family or friends. While you relax we’ll do all the “heavy lifting”.

Beautiful Israel Synagogues



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Top Sites to Visit in Israel this Summer

Israel vacation tours are the ultimate dream for those of Jewish descent as well as those who have embraced and devoted their lives to Judaism. As the melting pot of Jewish history and culture, Israel has an abundance of historically and culturally significant sites and attractions that are definite must-sees when embarking on custom Israel tours:

Jerusalem’s Western Wall

One of the most sacred places in Judaism is the Western Wall or Kotel. It is among the most visited sites in Israel, attracting thousands upon thousands of visitor’s year in and year out. At sunset on Friday’s Jews gather for a magical experience at the Kotel as they welcome in the Shabbat together. The underground tunnels are also worth visiting, comprised of excavations beneath the wall. These tunnels reveal stunning structures from significant eras including the Hasmonean, Herodian, Mamluk, and Umayyad periods. The Western Wall tunnels will lead you to all kinds of exciting discoveries, including underground structures like the Western Stone, which is one of the largest building blocks in the world.

The Jewish Quarter

Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter is something you do not want to miss. The Jewish Quarter isn’t only home to the Western Wall, but also a range of other important landmarks, like the Tower of David and the Temple Mount (Mt. Moriah). The Tower of David can be found near Jaffa Gate. This citadel comes alive at night with a spectacular sound and light show.


Masada is now a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site. It was built by Herod the Great way back 30 BCE, as an imposing mountain fortress that offers incredible historical and cultural significance to the region. Among the ruins are Herod’s palace, terraces, store houses, bath house, and Roman siege ramp.

City of David

This site is exactly where King David established the kingdom he was promised. Today, the city is an amazing archaeological park rife with historically significant artifacts.

An important rule of thumb to remember when taking Israel tours is to gain the advice of an experienced Israel travel management company.  Israel Travel Advisory Service can be helpful in planning out your visit to some of the country’s most sought after landmarks.



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