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Family Trips to the Holy Land: A List by Experts

Family vacations are great, especially if they are to heal the body and soul, and a perfect way to do so could be by taking a family trip to Israel.

Israel Travel Advisory Service (ITAS) has offered custom tours to Israel for 50 years. We intend to provide our customers with the best travel and tour service.

We have different programs, each perfect to fit your needs and budget.

Custom Israel Tours

If you are looking to take a family trip to Israel, we recommend checking our custom Israel Tours. With this option, you’ll be able to create the perfect customized family visit to Israel and feel safe and confident doing it.

Jewish Heritage Tour Itinerary

If you are looking for a more specific experience along with your family members, check the Israel Jewish Heritage Tour Itinerary. You’ll get a relaxing retreat or a unique educational experience depending on what you want.

And you won’t have to worry about a thing! We’ll help you select departure dates, flights, hotel accommodations, as well as historical, religious, and cultural sites.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israel Tour

Besides experiencing wonderful tours along with the family, what better way to enjoy a trip to Israel than celebrating your son’s or daughter’s bar/bat mitzvah on top of Masada.

ITAS offers top-notch itineraries and professional services on all our Jewish family trips to Israel.



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Want To Enjoy Jerusalem’s Nightlife? Try Visiting Any of the These Spots

If you’re to visit Jerusalem any time soon, chances are that your current schedule only covers daytime activities. After all, it’s not rare for people to want the most out of daylight hours and end the day with a well-deserved rest.But here’s the thing, Jerusalem easily stands as one of the world’s most diverse cities. So much that nightlife feels as if you were already touring another city—Albeit one that’s just as beautiful.Such opportunities are not common, so it should be within your best interest to account for these experiences while you’re there.

Assuming that there’s still time to rearrange your schedule, here are some recommendations for places to visit during nighttime.

Believe us. You won’t regret staying up a little longer for any of these.

The Jerusalem Chords Bridge

The Chords Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located near the city’s central bus station.

Standing at 387 feet high (118 meters), the Chords Bridge is the tallest structure in all of Jerusalem. In retrospect, you can’t get a more literal example of an “eye-catching landmark.”

But why should you add it to your schedule to begin with? Especially if you can appreciate such a tall construction from almost anywhere.

It was built with inspirations from both ancient and modern architecture, making it an incredible sight to behold from up close.

Plus, such ways of crafting are always subject to the insights of travelers as to figure out the artist’s deeper motivations. Maybe you could craft some of your own while you’re there.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the matter of its extra decorations. For a while now, the bridge’s chords have been decorated with various colored lights, which are always turned on during the night.

In other words, by visiting after sunset, you will get a light show unlike any other.

Mahane Yehuda Market

The Mahane Yehuda Market isn’t any regular market, mind you, and it’s the most extensive and liveliest out of all Jerusalem.

Composed by a series of narrow alleyways, all of them will be able to cover any need you might be running into. From regular convenience stores to gift shops. From family restaurants to the fanciest food outlets. From good ol’ bars to full-sized party venues.

In a way, saying that the Mahane Yehuda Market has something for everyone would be an understatement. Not to mention, its ambiance does give something to brag about. You’ll probably meet lots of fascinating people there!

If possible, try visiting on a Thursday night. Since most people don’t have to work on Friday, Thursday nights tend to see the market at its fullest potential.

Jaffa Road

Likewise, you can’t go wrong by visiting Jaffa Road, one of the city’s oldest and longest roads. Not only that, but it also houses several buildings that are essential to Jerusalem’s history. If that fits your interests, you could ask for a guided tour.

Additionally, this road has seen many commercial venues opening their doors. Jaffa Road is filled with locales for most needs, similar to the Mahane Yehuda Market, albeit to a lesser extent.

A simple walk along this road can quickly turn into a worthwhile experience. The buildings themselves are beautiful, and they’re all decorated with charming nightlights, and it’s a sight that’s both atmospheric and breathtaking.

Kikar Safra

Jerusalem is filled with culture that even its city hall is part of the experience. Kikar Safra is not only home to the city’s municipal government as it also houses many cultural and artistic performances.

While there are many buildings dedicated to that purpose, many artists have decided to make use of the surrounding exteriors instead. Something that Kikar Safra agrees to and promotes to a certain extent.

Just imagine what these artists could have prepared for a nighttime performance.

Keep in mind that these performances are subject to their own scheduling, so visit the city hall’s website beforehand and see what’s offered during your stay.

Mishkenot Sha’ananim

If you’re into preservation and some mild isolation, we’ve got an offer. Try visiting Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the very first Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Located slightly above the Sultan’s Pool, it now houses numerous art galleries and music centers in the sweet calm of the Old City’s outskirts.

In a way, you get to experience all kinds of aesthetic beauty.  You get the looks of the surrounding areas (like Mount Zion), you get to experience classic Jerusalem architecture, astounding paintings, the sound of carefully crafted music, and even a calm day in semi-rural life.

If that sounds attractive already, now picture how the daytime experience might differ from the nighttime one.

Tachana Rishona

If you like the idea of visiting several cultural centers, we can’t forget about Tachana Rishona, also known as The First Station.

As the name suggests, Tachana Rishona was a train station that represented the last stop of a Jaffa to Jerusalem trip. However, as the need for train transportation decreased, it eventually got discontinued.

Luckily, the town found another use for the location in no time. Nowadays, The First Station is used as a cultural and entertainment venue, which prides itself on celebrating the old Jerusalem days.

You can expect to find several pubs, restaurants, and even merchants inside, most of which offer their services on exterior spaces. Now, talk about a colorful and atmospheric night accompanied by good music.

The Wailing Wall

Going back to 520 BC, The Second Temple once stood as one of the most sacred locations for Judaism.

It was said that the Temple was the purest source of divine power, which then spread itself to the rest of the world.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that the Temple also housed a massive array of praying sessions, festivities, and religious offerings amidst the Jewish community. Sadly, it came to a close after the Temple was destroyed around 70 AD.

But that is not to say that traditions and customs have been lost to time.

Nowadays, the Wailing Wall (also known as the Kotel, or Western Wall) proudly stands as the last remaining structure of the Second Temple. So, to respect its former glory, Jews worldwide have decided to visit regularly and partake in praying sessions.

For the most part, visits are limited to the praying sessions. The only exception is during Friday nights when people organize celebrations akin to those held in the Second Temple.

If you opt for a Friday night visit, you’ll get to enjoy the night with tons of singing and dancing!

For Scheduling Your Daytime and Nighttime Itineraries, ITAS Tours Is There for You!

You now know some great places to visit during any night in Jerusalem.

But what’s that? You’re interested in visiting such places, but you don’t know what to move in your schedule to make it happen? Well, ITAS Tours can help with that, and more!

With over 45 years of experience in organizing Israel Jewish tours, we pride ourselves in ensuring that your trip to the Holy Land is the best version of itself it can be. And that involves taking care of everything in your name, from the planning itself to making all necessary arrangements.

Likewise, we pride ourselves in saying that no other company has managed to reach our quality levels, nor our levels of attention to your needs. Our team of experts will gladly be helping you from the early stages of your planning up until your trip back home.

Be it for personal vacation tours or family tours, ITAS Tours has got your back. Both Israel and Jerusalem have never been closer to you!

Visit our website to learn more!



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Traveling with Kids to Israel: Tips for Families

Having a family is hard work, and most of us spend tireless days working to make sure our kids can enjoy a great life. But as soon as mouths are fed and bills are paid, it’s time for a well-earned vacation.

Family trips are the best chance we have for spending time and bonding with our kids, and it’s a chance to recharge our batteries before going back to work.

A trip to remember

When looking for a spot for a family vacation, it’s best to consider somewhere that can fulfill everyone’s needs.

An Israel vacation tour is a great way for Jewish families to connect their rich ancestral roots.

Markets, museums, beaches, and plenty of historical sites are all in the books regarding Israel family tours. There’s something for everyone.

Tips to consider

Now, if you’re going on an Israel tour with kids, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Stay Hydrated

Most people take their family vacations since school is out during the summer, but the Israel summer can be very warm.

Make sure to keep water and hydrating snacks (like cucumber slices) handy to cool off and avoid dehydration.

Take it slow

We know that vacation time is limited, but between jet lag, crowds, and the unfamiliarity of a new place, your kids might feel overwhelmed.

Take breaks regularly and make sure you don’t overschedule outings. Remember, a vacation is about relaxation, too.

Where and what to eat

Kids can be the pickiest of eaters, and when going somewhere new, mealtimes can be a challenge.

Luckily, Israel’s got options galore to both to satisfy your pickiest palettes and astound the curious ones. Hotels offer a large variety of foods on their menus and it’s all very fresh!

Make it educational

Israel has an abundance of historical and biblical sites all around.

Before going, make sure to spend some time teaching your kids about what they will see there and why it’s important.

Keep the kids entertained

While education and cultural experiences are important, remember that your kids want to play.

Look for more kid-friendly activities such as the zoo, the aquarium, or even the First Station, where your kids can enjoy an international play date. Eilat is a wonderful resort city in the south of Israel on the Red Sea – the perfect place to play in the sun.

The big tip

With all there is to do in Israel, you’d need a vacation just to figure out what to do during your trip. That’s why it’s always best to ask the experts.

Here at ITAS Tours, we offer Israel Jewish Tours curated with care to cover all the bases and make sure that your family’s experience will be one to remember.



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Must-See Holy Jewish Sites in Israel 2022

When planning your year, scheduling time for relaxation is just as important as scheduling meetings or a big business trip. Vacations are a time when you rest your body and recharge your soul.

January may seem a bit too early in the year to be planning vacations, but to those who know about productivity and time management, it’s as natural as the sun rising in the east.

If you’re considering a trip to Israel in 2022 and want to make the most of your time there, you might want to consider a guided tour of Israel to make sure you hit all the important sites.

Israel day tours often consist of all the city’s sights: from the mountains to the sea, important sites and museums, and the best restaurants around. However, if you’re Jewish and are looking for a more spiritual experience, you may want to consider a Jewish Tour of Israel.

Home to Jerusalem, Israel is the historical center of plenty of stories told in the Tanakh and dotted with many locations to visit and affirm your faith. Any Israel Jewish tour should include at least some of the following sites in their itinerary.

Valley of Elah

A great way to start your tour is at the Valley of Elah, the stage of the battle between David and Goliath. Though you will probably not see any giants, you can still walk through a field of sunflowers, anemones, and lupins.

The Temple Mount

Time later, David, now king of Israel and Judah, would conquer the city of Jerusalem where he was to raise an altar to God at The Temple Mount. Now considered the holiest place in Judaism, it is an epicenter of Israel’s history and God’s dwelling place and ministry on this earth. This is where Solomon built the first Jewish Temple.

Not too far from here, you will find the Western Wall (Kotel HaMaaravi in Hebrew), also known as The Wailing Wall. This is the last remnant of the Second Jewish Temple and has heard Jewish prayers for centuries.

The Mountain of Sodom

If you’re looking for another famous scene from the bible, the Mountain of Sodom is a view for the list. Made almost entirely of Rock Salt, it is a site to ponder the consequences of vice and sin.

Not far from it, you can find a pillar of salt believed to be Lot’s wife after ignoring the angel’s instruction and looking back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Mount of Olives

For a final stop on your Jewish heritage tour, the Mount of Olives is a mountain that has served as a burial ground for Jewish people for 3000 years. With around 150,000 graves of notable rabbinic figures and the tombs of the prophets Haggai, Zachariah and Malachi.

Ready to book?

This overview is but a fraction of the historical and biblical sites that wait in Israel, not to mention all the other beautiful natural wonders like the Dead Sea,Ein Gedi, and Gan HaShlosha.

To make sure you can fully experience Israel on your 2022 holiday, ITAS Tours is a travel planning and advisory service for trips to Israel. We offer custom tours so you can experience Israel’s culture, environment and cuisine in full, all at your own leisure.

Let us do the planning, and we’ll make sure you have a wonderful and fulfilling vacation.



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Plan the Perfect Trip to Israel in 2022

There’s no denying that the past two years have been tiring for most of us. Being cooped up at home worrying about our family, loved ones, and ourselves makes us feel like we’ve had to live surrounded by a cloud of worry and fear. However, rays of sunshine sometimes manage to peek through the clouds.

This time at home has given us the chance to reconnect with our family and deepen our desires to invest in ourselves, our well-being, as well as our community and culture.

Now, as the borders start to open and the sun shines anew, why not consider Israel for your next vacation?

But just taking a trip to Israel is not enough to truly take in the culture, you want to make every second of your visit count. There are so many sights to see, places to visit, and (of course) delicious food to eat. Trying to do it all at once can be daunting and planning for it is exhausting, which kind of makes the whole point of a vacation moot, doesn’t it?

If you really want to make the most of your trip, there are many tours that you can take designed to reconnect with your Jewish roots and make your vacation to Israel one for the books.

You may ask yourself, “but are there any agencies that offer tours of Israel?”

Yes, and that’s where we come in.

Whether you’re a member of the Jewish community or a friend and are looking for tours of Israel, look no further! Israel Travel Advisory Service (ITAS) is a top-notch travel planning and advisory service for trips to Israel. We offer custom tours so you can experience Israel’s culture, beautiful locals and cuisine in full, all at your own leisure.

So relax and leave the planning to us and be ready to make 2022 a memorable and significant year for you and your family with one of our fantastic tours of Israel.



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The Surprising Origin of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Nowadays, saying that bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies are of great importance to the Jewish community is a great understatement. Not only does it symbolize a child’s coming of age. But it also represents the moment in which they take on new religious privileges and adult responsibilities.

All things considered, this is one milestone unlike any other. One that is joyfully recognized and celebrated. Which it is.

That being said, after years of tradition, have you ever stopped to think about where it all began? Well, for that, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn the origins of the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony.

Understanding the meaning behind the ceremony

Bar and bat mitzvah literally mean, “son/daughter of the commandment.” Bar is Aramaic and means the same thing as the Hebrew word, “ben” – “son of”. “Bat” came along later and is Hebrew for “daughter of”. So, when boys reach age 13 and one day they become bar mitzvah and girls at age 12 become bat mitzvah whether they have a ceremony of not.

The first ceremonies to recognize this special time in a young person’s life were held as early as the Sixth Century CE. Since the Middle Ages the full religious ritual has been observed, with the custom of calling a boy up to the Torah as a way of recognizing his entry to manhood. Blessings would be spoken and afterward a huge gala feast. Not much different from today’s celebrations.

The bar/bat mitzvah’s transition to a full-fledged ceremony is greatly attributed to the holiday of Shavuot. Shavuot’s deep connection with the Torah made sense to give a deeper meaning to the ceremony. Suffice it to say, being able to give your first public reading of the Torah is a pretty big deal. And a great reason to celebrate the bar/bat mitzvah with the entire family.

Want to take your bar/bat mitzvah to the next level? ITAS Tours has what you need!

Now that you know the meaning behind any bar/bat mitzvah ceremony, it makes sense that you would want to make the most out of yours. And do you know how you can achieve that? By making it take place in the Land of the Jewish people, Israel, itself! And we can help you do just that!

With over 45 years of experience organizing Israel tours, there’s no one better to trust than us. Our team of experts will gladly help you manage everything from the very start. That should cover the planning, getting the necessary commodities, making the ceremony arrangements, and everything in-between.

Be it for bar mitzvah tours, family tours or just a mere vacation, ITAS Tours has got your back. The land of Israel has never been closer to you!

Visit our website to learn more!



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It’s Your Turn for a Memorable Experience: Join an Israel Adult Tour

The life of the average person consists of many challenges and responsibilities. On a day-to-day basis, one must work hard to pay bills and make sure that the house is always filled with essentials. You probably identify with that statement rather well.

However, life is not all about that. Everybody deserves a break now and then. No. More than a break, they deserve a full-on pause from their activities, one that then is invested into creating some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There’s nothing better to recharge your batteries while also getting the best sort of enjoyment you can.

Are you considering the possibility of partaking in one of those experiences yourself? Do you not know what kind of experience you want to participate in? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You should try scheduling for one of our Adult Only Israel Tours!

What to expect out of it?

With more than 45 years of organizing tours to Israel, one could say that we’ve got this business pretty well covered. If you don’t believe us, try visiting our website, there you’ll find reviews by very satisfied customers to prove it.

The point is, we are always aiming for the most impressive and satisfying tours possible, and that is no different with our Adult Only Tours. If you’re planning on signing up for one, here’s just a quick glimpse at what you might be getting on our part.

Amazing sights to look at and learn from

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. From the Dead Sea to Ein Gedi. From Golan Heights to Galilee. When it comes to our approach to making tours, we want to ensure that you can get the most out of Israel in a single visit. With Israel being so beautifully diverse, you owe it to yourself.

Aside from the tours themselves, our itineraries take into account a fair amount of time exclusively for sightseeing. Meaning that your interaction with the land will be entirely personal.(Do not worry, if you’re interested in repeating the experience any time soon, the lands of Israel have more than enough content to keep themselves fresh and new with each visit.)

The best tour guides possible

When it came to building our selection of guides, we settled for three main goals. We wanted them to be experts in their field, we wanted them to have the utmost professional attitude possible, and we wanted them to be friendly to make everyone feel welcome and part of something big.We are more than proud to say that our entire selection fits such a description. From the very first moment you arrive at the land, it will not take long for you to notice both their knowledge and their passion for Israel.

By the end of your tour, we bet you’ll already want to come back again.

Astounding 5-star hotels, with everything included

This adventure lasts roughly two weeks. With ITAStours by your side, even the hotel arrangements are part of the adventure.We have ensured that your hotel accommodations are always done at the best 5-star hotels in the surrounding areas for those same reasons. For the entirety of your trip, you’ll get to enjoy the most comfortable rooms and get to eat the most delicious Israel cuisine.

If you ask us, we’ll prepare any ceremony arrangements you might need

Last but not least, we also understand the fact that you might want to take this once-in-a-lifetime experience to the next level. For some, it comes in the form of making their own Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in the Holy Land itself. For others, it might even be their wedding vow renewal ceremony.

If that applies to you, we’ve got that covered as well. We’ll be more than happy to help you organize things so that they can run as smoothly as possible.

Schedule an Israel Adult Only Tour today!

For those wanting to partake in the most memorable experience possible, don’t ever doubt about a visit to Israel. Not only will it be the well-deserved break you need from your daily life, but it will also be the sort of adventure that will bring you closer to your Jewish heritage in ways you’ve never experienced before.

There’s no better option for Israel tours for adults or even family vacation tours than going with us!

Feel free to visit our website to learn more!



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3 Beautiful Israel Valleys to Visit During Your Family Trip

We’ve learned something important with over 45 years of experience providing Israel travel advisory and organizing Israel tours. Regardless of how small it might seem in comparison, it is one of the most beautifully diverse countries in the world.In essence, we are talking about a location that already offers an extraordinary amount of things to do, yet it still manages to come up with even more ways to surprise us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already visited the country several times, you’ll always find something new to be amazed at.

This becomes truer than ever any time someone decides to explore any of Israel’s stunning valleys. Not only are they of great historical and religious importance, but they’re also great examples of how alluring nature can be. Likewise, they’re great examples of how religion and culture can shape history.

Our recommendation? If your tour allows for it, you should take a day or two to visit any of the following:

Kidron Valley

Stretching from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, the Kidron Valley comes off as a course of up to 20 walkable miles across the Judean Desert.

History-wise, it is well-known for being the valley crossed by King David while fleeing from his son Absalom, who had then rebelled against him. Furthermore, a significant number of battles took place in this location, all in the name of King Jehoshaphat.

So, what can you expect to encounter during your visit?

For starters, it is home to many ancient burial sites and ancient tombs dating as far back as the Second Temple Period. Among them, you can find the Tomb of Absalom, the Tomb of BeneiHezir, and the Tomb of Zechariah.

On the nature side of things, it’s filled to the brim with olive trees, which some would say gives off a pastoral vibe to the scenery. That’s something you can’t help but be amazed at.

Jezreel Valley

Sprawling from the Carmel Mountain to Mount Tabor, the Jezreel Valley comes off as the largest valley in all of Israel.

Historically speaking, the Jezreel Valley was largely used by armies and travelers of many cultures over the ages. For the most part, it was the preferred route for reaching the Arabian Peninsula if you were departing from Istanbul.

Nonetheless, this valley is important to the Jewish community because it saw one of the Israelites’ most famous victories. More specifically, the battle of Gideon against the Midianites, the Amalekites, and the Children of the East.

Regarding what you might meet, you could end up visiting the Beit She’an archeological site or get one of the most breathtaking views you could imagine in Mount Tabor.

Alternatively, you could catch a glimpse of the purple irises known to broom in Mount Gilboa. Or even the natural springs of Gan Hashlosha, which is believed by many to be the real Garden of Eden.

Widely popular for its country-style hospitality, phenomenal views, and vast fields, the Jezreel Valley is the perfect place for any outdoor enthusiast to visit.

Plus, with its archaeological sites still being excavated up to this date, you’ll be facing broad chances of getting to see something different every few visits. Maybe you could end up among the first thousands of people to see a new discovery.

Timna Valley

Consisting of an arc-shaped desert, sprawling terrain of 15,000 acres in size, the Timna Valley is one of the world’s most beautiful desert sceneries.

Towering cliffs, surreally shaped natural structures, and acres of multi-hued sands are only a few of the things you’ll see. Still, their enchanting looks will be a significant part of your amusement.

With that in mind, the Timna Valley is also a great place to hike, with terrains suitable for all experience levels. In other words, nobody gets to sit back when it comes to witnessing the ancient works of nature and man.

Believe it or not, this same valley is widely recognized for its role in kick-starting the copper mining business. As far as registries go, it all seems to point to this being among the very first copper mines of the world, as well as one of the first locations to smelt the material.

Nowadays, most of the land has been declared a nature reserve, putting an end to all mining-related activities in favor of tourism-based ones.

To wrap things up, it is located far north of Eilat.

Get a Glimpse of Israel’s Most Astonishing Valleys withITASTours!

At the Israel Travel Advisory Services, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the Jewish community gets a chance to reconnect with their roots. All while still getting to enjoy a great vacation tour alongside it.

Not only will you be able to discover the true meaning behind your Jewish heritage, but you’ll get the chance to experience some sights you won’t get anywhere else.

Be it for a family tour or an adult only tour you can rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of in full and with the utmost quality.

For more information, visit us today at



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Booking a tour of Israel for an Unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The Jewish community can easily agree that there are very few life experiences that can rival the spiritual meaningfulness of both bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

For the child in question, there’s nothing that can match the notion of knowing you’re finally transitioning into the following stages of life. Likewise, there’s nothing like watching your children taking their very first steps into adulthood.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that you would want to ensure that the entire celebration is the best version of itself it can be. After all, people can only have one bar/bat mitzvah per lifetime.

Furthermore, your Jewish connection doesn’t necessarily end after the celebrations are done, so you might as well show it proudly.

For an experience unlike any other to get your family closer to their Jewish heritage, you can’t go wrong with planning for your children’s bar/bat mitzvah to take place in the Holy Land itself, accompanied by a tour of the same.

We understand that this might be an entirely new concept for some. Here are our tips for understanding what booking a bar/bat mitzvah tour of Israel entails.

We intend that, once you’ve skimmed through this article, you can rest assured knowing that you can organize a most unforgettable experience.

Going through touring options

With so many things to see in the beautiful land of Israel, your best bet for getting the most out of the experience is to sign up for a full-fledged tour.

Not only will it help you keep things tidy and organized, but it will also help you see the most locations—all with relative ease.

However, did you know that there’s more than one type of tour for you to choose from? Each with their respective pros and cons? Well, now you do.

So, to ensure that you pick the one that’s best for you, here’s what you should know about the three main options.

Quick note. For all intended purposes, when researching for potential tour providers, do make sure that you’re specifically looking at those who also offer bar/bat mitzvah-related services.

Book a private tour for your family

By booking a private tour, your family tour needs will be taken care of by a qualified guide, who will be handling all the logistics of both your tour and your bar/bat mitzvah celebration, all based on your exact specifications.

In other words, this option gives your entire planning process the utmost flexibility. Even if your tour guide is doing most of the accommodating things, your inputs will still have the highest priority.

Furthermore, tour guides are well-known for having extensive knowledge of the area surrounding them. As this will be a private tour for your family, you can rest assured that you all will be able to maintain an in-depth dialogue with your guide at any time during the tour.

Do keep in mind that this option will likely require you to independently plan all flight and hotel arrangements.

Join a premade group tour

Like a private tour, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of by joining a premade one, with little to no input on your part. However, they differ because premade groups typically include travel arrangements, hotel services and even daily meals. More importantly, they tend to have it all under the same price. Now, that’s something you’re not going to get with a private tour.

Furthermore, these kinds of groups usually consist of families, all with children of the same ages. In a way, aside from the tour and bar/bat mitzvah themselves, a premade group tour will also be giving you an intergenerational Jewish bonding experience for all your family.

Nonetheless, your family might feel more comfortable spending this time with each other. So make sure to consider everyone’s preferences before making a choice.

Depending on what everybody wants, you might prefer to keep things a little more private.

Design a tour by yourself

On a completely different note, there’s also the chance that you’re familiar with the country. Maybe you’ve already visited before, or perhaps you have relatives living there who could lend a hand during your trip.

If this is the case, you might feel comfortable planning it all on your own. The flights, hotel reservations, bar/bat mitzvah ceremony, the daily touring, meal reservations etc… While this takes a good deal of logistical know-how, it affords you the greatest flexibility.

By designing a tour by yourself, you are now in control of absolutely everything. Nonetheless, you’ll find yourself in need of doing thorough research regarding preparations for the ceremony. Not to mention all your day trips.

Other than that, do remember to give an answer of your own to the following questions:

  • Where will we go?
  • Where will we stay?
  • What will we do?

Feel free to come up with priority answers and answers, which you can skip on if needed. In the long run, you might get some use out of that kind of system.

Or you could start planning your family’s next unforgettable experience with ITAS Tours – the originator of the Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours!

At the Israel Travel Advisory Service, we pride ourselves on giving the Jewish community a chance to reconnect with their roots. All while still enjoying a perfect family vacation amidst an extraordinary bar/bat mitzvah celebration. A private family bar or bat mitzvah will allow you to select your level of accommodations, sites to include, airline preference and much more.

With over 45 years of experience, you and your family can rest assured that your needs will be attended to with the utmost safety and quality.

For more information, visit today at ITAS Website.



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Jewish Heritage Tours: Why You Should Go At Least Once

Every year thousands of Jews create incredible memories by making Jewish Heritage Tours in Israel.

If you are thinking of finding a way to reconnect with your Jewish roots, taking a Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel is the best way to do it! If you are still not convinced to do so, these are the reasons why you should do a Jewish Heritage Tour: 

Reconnect with your roots 

Sure, there is a lot of online information if you are looking to learn more about your country of origin’s history. Still, there is no better way to reconnect with your Jewish roots than by travelling to Israel and experiencing it first-hand!

Picture yourself visiting the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa; riding a camel; or visiting historical sites like the Western Wall, Ein Gedi, or the Hertzel Museum. Seeing it through your own eyes is better than seeing it in photographs! 

Getting to know all these places is much more enriching if an experienced tour guide accompanies you during your trip. They will help you learn more about each site you visit and organize your trip to make the most of your stay in Israel. That is why people trust ITAS Tours so much! Our tour guides have more than 80 years of experience doing Jewish Heritage Tours and will know how to create an unforgettable experience.

You will get to know the most important biblical sites in Israel

Without a doubt, the best place in the world to visit the history of Jews is Israel. Here a few areas that you must see if you want to reconnect with your roots:

Important Jerusalem Sites:

● Western Wall

● Jewish Quarter

● Yad Vashem

● The Great Synagogue

● The Knesset

● Herzl Museum

● Shrine of the Book

Important sites in Coastal Israel

●Tel Aviv

● Caesarea

● Haifa

● Baha’i Center

● Rosh HaNikra

● Acre

Important sites in Southern Israel

● Masada

● Ein Gedi

● Qumran

● Dead Sea

Important Sites in Northern Israel

● Golan Heights

● Mt. Bental

● Kibbutz Elrom

These are just some of the important sites that you can visit on a Jewish Heritage Tour. Some tourist guides, such as ITAS Tours, also allow you to do personalized tours to choose all the activities and places you want to do during your trip.

Israel has some of the most beautiful places and landscapes in the world.

Being right between the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba to the south, Israel has some of the most beautiful natural scenery to see in the world. From the beautiful beaches right in Tel-Aviv to incredible rocky formations in the desert, there is no shortage of diverse sights to get see.

Gordon Beach

Right on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Tel-Aviv, this beach is the most dreamlike place to enjoy an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball, and enjoying the freshest local cuisine available. After the sun goes down, the fun continues with music and parties filled with energy and enjoyment.

Red Canyon

This magical place formed by incredibly tall carved walls of red rock feels like it was taken directly from Mars.There are many hiking trails available, some very easy to bring kids along, and some more challenging that aimed at experienced hikers.

Timna Park

In the middle of the Negev Desert, there is a place full of history dating back to the ancient Egyptian Empire, among incredible natural formations formed by volcanic eruptions known as Solomon’s Pillars. You can even stay and camp through the night to experience some of the best conditions for stargazing!

Golan Heights

If you want to visit a beautiful natural landscape full of mountains, grass, creeks and trees, this is the place to go during the summer. But, if you are interested in going during the winter, be prepared to encounter the perfect place for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.

Dead Sea

If you have ever seen pictures of people casually floating in the water without moving a muscle, those people were floating on the Dead Sea. Because of its incredibly high salt content, the Dead Sea water is so dense that people can just lie down as if it was magic!

What are you waiting for? Start planning the Tour of a Lifetime Now with ITAS Tours!

Reconnect with your roots, enjoy vacationing with family and friends, and getting to know the beautiful natural landscapes of Israel. The experts at ITAS Tours are ready to guide you and help you have a Jewish Heritage Tour that you will never forget. Contact us now!



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