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Traveling with Kids to Israel: Tips for Families


Having a family is hard work, and most of us spend tireless days working to make sure our kids can enjoy a great life. But as soon as mouths are fed and bills are paid, it’s time for a well-earned vacation.

Family trips are the best chance we have for spending time and bonding with our kids, and it’s a chance to recharge our batteries before going back to work.

A trip to remember

When looking for a spot for a family vacation, it’s best to consider somewhere that can fulfill everyone’s needs.

An Israel vacation tour is a great way for Jewish families to connect their rich ancestral roots.

Markets, museums, beaches, and plenty of historical sites are all in the books regarding Israel family tours. There’s something for everyone.

Tips to consider

Now, if you’re going on an Israel tour with kids, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Stay Hydrated

Most people take their family vacations since school is out during the summer, but the Israel summer can be very warm.

Make sure to keep water and hydrating snacks (like cucumber slices) handy to cool off and avoid dehydration.

Take it slow

We know that vacation time is limited, but between jet lag, crowds, and the unfamiliarity of a new place, your kids might feel overwhelmed.

Take breaks regularly and make sure you don’t overschedule outings. Remember, a vacation is about relaxation, too.

Where and what to eat

Kids can be the pickiest of eaters, and when going somewhere new, mealtimes can be a challenge.

Luckily, Israel’s got options galore to both to satisfy your pickiest palettes and astound the curious ones. Hotels offer a large variety of foods on their menus and it’s all very fresh!

Make it educational

Israel has an abundance of historical and biblical sites all around.

Before going, make sure to spend some time teaching your kids about what they will see there and why it’s important.

Keep the kids entertained

While education and cultural experiences are important, remember that your kids want to play.

Look for more kid-friendly activities such as the zoo, the aquarium, or even the First Station, where your kids can enjoy an international play date. Eilat is a wonderful resort city in the south of Israel on the Red Sea – the perfect place to play in the sun.

The big tip

With all there is to do in Israel, you’d need a vacation just to figure out what to do during your trip. That’s why it’s always best to ask the experts.

Here at ITAS Tours, we offer Israel Jewish Tours curated with care to cover all the bases and make sure that your family’s experience will be one to remember.

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