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The Surprising Origin of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony


Nowadays, saying that bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies are of great importance to the Jewish community is a great understatement. Not only does it symbolize a child’s coming of age. But it also represents the moment in which they take on new religious privileges and adult responsibilities.

All things considered, this is one milestone unlike any other. One that is joyfully recognized and celebrated. Which it is.

That being said, after years of tradition, have you ever stopped to think about where it all began? Well, for that, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn the origins of the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony.

Understanding the meaning behind the ceremony

Bar and bat mitzvah literally mean, “son/daughter of the commandment.” Bar is Aramaic and means the same thing as the Hebrew word, “ben” – “son of”. “Bat” came along later and is Hebrew for “daughter of”. So, when boys reach age 13 and one day they become bar mitzvah and girls at age 12 become bat mitzvah whether they have a ceremony of not.

The first ceremonies to recognize this special time in a young person’s life were held as early as the Sixth Century CE. Since the Middle Ages the full religious ritual has been observed, with the custom of calling a boy up to the Torah as a way of recognizing his entry to manhood. Blessings would be spoken and afterward a huge gala feast. Not much different from today’s celebrations.

The bar/bat mitzvah’s transition to a full-fledged ceremony is greatly attributed to the holiday of Shavuot. Shavuot’s deep connection with the Torah made sense to give a deeper meaning to the ceremony. Suffice it to say, being able to give your first public reading of the Torah is a pretty big deal. And a great reason to celebrate the bar/bat mitzvah with the entire family.

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