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3 Beautiful Israel Valleys to Visit During Your Family Trip

We’ve learned something important with over 45 years of experience providing Israel travel advisory and organizing Israel tours. Regardless of how small it might seem in comparison, it is one of the most beautifully diverse countries in the world.In essence, we are talking about a location that already offers an extraordinary amount of things to do, yet it still manages to come up with even more ways to surprise us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already visited the country several times, you’ll always find something new to be amazed at.

This becomes truer than ever any time someone decides to explore any of Israel’s stunning valleys. Not only are they of great historical and religious importance, but they’re also great examples of how alluring nature can be. Likewise, they’re great examples of how religion and culture can shape history.

Our recommendation? If your tour allows for it, you should take a day or two to visit any of the following:

Kidron Valley

Stretching from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, the Kidron Valley comes off as a course of up to 20 walkable miles across the Judean Desert.

History-wise, it is well-known for being the valley crossed by King David while fleeing from his son Absalom, who had then rebelled against him. Furthermore, a significant number of battles took place in this location, all in the name of King Jehoshaphat.

So, what can you expect to encounter during your visit?

For starters, it is home to many ancient burial sites and ancient tombs dating as far back as the Second Temple Period. Among them, you can find the Tomb of Absalom, the Tomb of BeneiHezir, and the Tomb of Zechariah.

On the nature side of things, it’s filled to the brim with olive trees, which some would say gives off a pastoral vibe to the scenery. That’s something you can’t help but be amazed at.

Jezreel Valley

Sprawling from the Carmel Mountain to Mount Tabor, the Jezreel Valley comes off as the largest valley in all of Israel.

Historically speaking, the Jezreel Valley was largely used by armies and travelers of many cultures over the ages. For the most part, it was the preferred route for reaching the Arabian Peninsula if you were departing from Istanbul.

Nonetheless, this valley is important to the Jewish community because it saw one of the Israelites’ most famous victories. More specifically, the battle of Gideon against the Midianites, the Amalekites, and the Children of the East.

Regarding what you might meet, you could end up visiting the Beit She’an archeological site or get one of the most breathtaking views you could imagine in Mount Tabor.

Alternatively, you could catch a glimpse of the purple irises known to broom in Mount Gilboa. Or even the natural springs of Gan Hashlosha, which is believed by many to be the real Garden of Eden.

Widely popular for its country-style hospitality, phenomenal views, and vast fields, the Jezreel Valley is the perfect place for any outdoor enthusiast to visit.

Plus, with its archaeological sites still being excavated up to this date, you’ll be facing broad chances of getting to see something different every few visits. Maybe you could end up among the first thousands of people to see a new discovery.

Timna Valley

Consisting of an arc-shaped desert, sprawling terrain of 15,000 acres in size, the Timna Valley is one of the world’s most beautiful desert sceneries.

Towering cliffs, surreally shaped natural structures, and acres of multi-hued sands are only a few of the things you’ll see. Still, their enchanting looks will be a significant part of your amusement.

With that in mind, the Timna Valley is also a great place to hike, with terrains suitable for all experience levels. In other words, nobody gets to sit back when it comes to witnessing the ancient works of nature and man.

Believe it or not, this same valley is widely recognized for its role in kick-starting the copper mining business. As far as registries go, it all seems to point to this being among the very first copper mines of the world, as well as one of the first locations to smelt the material.

Nowadays, most of the land has been declared a nature reserve, putting an end to all mining-related activities in favor of tourism-based ones.

To wrap things up, it is located far north of Eilat.

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