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Things To Know Before You Travel To Israel


Israel Travel Advisory Service has over 50 years experience bringing joy to families and groups of friends who want to explore Israel’s cultural richness and incredible landscapes. We want you to have the trip of your dreams and share our expertise with you throughout our guided tours in Israel.

Here are some of the things to know before planning your trip to Israel.

Prepare your documents

Have everything you need at the ready.

Check that your passport expires at least six months after your trip. If not, we recommend that you start the renewal process as soon as possible. This process typically takes 3 to 6 weeks to complete.

Note: US and Canadian Citizens do not need a visa to enter Israel. If you reside in another country, contact the Consul of Israel to know your nation’s status and whether you need to obtain a visa.

Security at Israel’s airports is more robust than in any other country. The inspections and interrogations can be longer than what you are used to. Do not worry, as these rigorous procedures are normal. Be at ease and ready to cooperate. You can feel confident that Israel’s airports have the best security measures in the world!

Resting day
Saturday is the Jewish day of rest, known as Shabbat. Keep this this in mind since arriving in Israel on a Saturday means that you will find most restaurants, businesses, shops and means of transport unavailable in large parts of the country.

Israel travel seasons
The high season for travel to Israel is in the summer when many people in the West take vacations. Prices for hotels and airfare will reflect the increased demand for lodging. If you’re traveling on a budget late winter or late fall is a good time to travel. Of course, experiencing Hanukkah or Passover in Israel, while a very busy time, is wonderful. There really is no bad time to travel to Israel!

At ITAS, we work to create a perfect trip and provide the best value for services and accommodations. We take care of every detail so you can relax! Check our website for package deals that let you enjoy Israel and create wonderful memories and cultural experiences.

Cultural Context
Tel Aviv is a progressive city full of young people, hi tech and fantastic nightlife. On the other hand, Jerusalem is a more conservative city filled with tons of history. While visiting, consider the holy sites you’ll visit that require more modest dress and plan accordingly.

Phrases that can help you through your trip
Although many people speak English in Israel, these are some of the phrases that can help you on your trip:

Shalom ………………………    Hello, goodbye, peace

All ……………………………..   Thank you

Toda Raba …………………   Thank you very much

Bevakasha …………………    Please, you’re welcome

Kama? ……………………….    How much?

Boker tov ……………….….   Good morning

Erev tov ……………………..   Good evening

TsoHoRaYiM ToVeeM… Good Afternoon

Are you ready?
Israel is an incredible country where you can have great experiences. ITAS can help you craft a customized visit and escort you throughout your Holy Land journey!

ITAS Tour offers expert services which include Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israel Tours, Family Israel Tours, Adult Only Israel Tours, and Customized Israel Tours for both individuals a

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