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The Culinary Delights of Israel: Exploring Jewish Cuisine on Your Tour


A Culinary Journey through Israel: Where Tradition Meets Taste

Stepping into Israel, you’re not just walking on ancient grounds; you’re embarking on a gastronomic adventure that seamlessly blends millennia of history with vibrant modernity. From the winding alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City to the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, Israel promises an array of culinary delights that awaken the senses and soul. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, this guide will lead you to the heartbeats of Israel’s culinary scene.

Hummus & Pita:

Dive deep into the creamy world of hummus at Hummus Ben Sira in Jerusalem. For those roaming the streets of Tel Aviv, Abu Hassan (Ali Caravan) promises a mouthful of this chickpea delight, perfectly paired with oven-fresh pita.

Hummus Ben Sira:

Is a popular hummus joint in Jerusalem. It’s known for its delicious and creamy hummus dishes.

Menu: Apart from the classic hummus, Hummus Ben Sira might offer variations topped with ingredients like mushrooms, fava beans, or tahini. They also usually serve other Middle Eastern staples, such as falafel, salads, and pitas.

Abu Hassan (Ali Caravan):

Is one of Israel’s most iconic and revered hummus places.

Signature Dish: While serving various dishes, their signature is creamy, velvety hummus. You can have it with toppings like masabacha (whole chickpeas), ful (fava beans), or a combination.


Breakfast lovers can bask in the vibrant flavours of Shakshuka at Dr. Shakshuka in Jaffa or explore the modern renditions at Shakshukia in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Shakshuka:

Is a renowned eatery in Israel, particularly famous for its signature dish, shakshuka.

Signature Dish: While shakshuka, a dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, is the star here, Dr. Shakshuka’s menu boasts other North African and traditional Israeli dishes.

Other Offerings: Beyond the classic shakshuka, they serve variations with different ingredients like merguez sausages or shawarma. They also offer other dishes such as couscous, stews, and a variety of grilled meats.


Is a modern eatery in Tel Aviv that has gained popularity for its dedication to the beloved dish, shakshuka.

Variety: While the classic tomato and pepper-based shakshuka is a staple, Shakshukia prides itself on offering a plethora of variations. From shakshuka with different meats to those with unique spice blends and ingredients, there’s something for every palate.

Other Offerings: While shakshuka is the star, Shakshukia might offer a range of accompaniments and beverages to round out the meal.


Experience the crunch of authentic falafel at Falafel Razon in Jerusalem. In Tel Aviv, Falafel Hakosem not only tempts with its falafel but also introduces you to the layered wonders of Sabich.

Falafel Hakosem:

It’s one of Tel Aviv’s gems when it comes to falafel and other Israeli street food delights.

Menu: While falafel is the star of the show, their menu is vast and varied. They offer other favourites like shawarma, sabich (an Iraqi-Jewish sandwich with fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, and other accompaniments), and shakshuka. Their falafel is known for its crispy exterior and flavorful, moist interior.


The flaky perfection of burekas awaits at Burekas Penso in the heart of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market.

Burekas Penso:

Is a well-known spot in Jerusalem, especially famed for its traditional and deliciously flaky burekas.

Specialty: As the name suggests, the shop’s specialty is burekas – pastries made from thin layers of dough filled with various fillings like cheese, potato, or mushrooms. They’re known for their crisp exterior and rich, savoury fillings.

Handmade Touch: One of the standout aspects of Burekas Penso is that the pastries are handmade. This traditional approach gives them a unique taste and texture that’s hard to replicate.

Matzah Ball Soup:

A bowl of tradition is served at Rimon Café Bistro in Jerusalem, where the Matzah Ball Soup mirrors Jewish culinary stories.

Rimon Café Bistro:

Is a notable establishment in Jerusalem, particularly known for its kosher dining options and its location within the city’s vibrant Ben Yehuda Street area.

Kosher Dining: Rimon Café Bistro is certified kosher, making it a popular choice for observant Jewish locals and tourists. This means they adhere to a set of dietary laws, ensuring the food preparation and ingredients meet religious standards.

Menu: The bistro offers a varied menu, blending traditional Israeli dishes with international flavours. You can find classic offerings like falafel, shakshuka, and salads, alongside pasta, fish dishes, and more.

Rimon’s Legacy: Apart from the bistro, the Rimon name is also associated with Rimon Restaurant, which is a meat-focused establishment. The two eateries complement each other by catering to different culinary preferences within the kosher framework.

Desserts and Beverages: Beyond main dishes, Rimon Café Bistro boasts a selection of desserts and beverages. Their pastries and cakes, paired with a fresh cup of coffee, are a favourite among many visitors.


The destination is Jafar Sweets in Jerusalem’s Old City for those with a sweet tooth.

Dive into layers of this Middle Eastern dessert and let its sweetness linger.

Jafar Sweets:

Is a beloved establishment in the Old City of Jerusalem, particularly renowned for its traditional Middle Eastern pastries.

Specialty: The shop is particularly famed for its knafeh (or kunafa), a Middle Eastern dessert made from thin noodle-like pastry or fine semolina dough, soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup and typically layered with cheese or other fillings. Jafar’s version is often lauded for its perfect balance of sweetness, crispiness, and creaminess.

Variety: Beyond knafeh, Jafar Sweets offers an array of other traditional pastries, like baklava, ma’amoul (date-filled cookies), and various other syrup-soaked delights.

Authenticity: What sets Jafar Sweets apart is its commitment to authenticity. They adhere to time-tested recipes, ensuring visitors get a genuine taste of Middle Eastern sweets.


For the casual coffee lover, Café Yehoshua in Tel Aviv and Kadosh in Jerusalem provide the perfect backdrop to relax, sip, and people-watch. However, if you’re yearning for a comprehensive dining affair, make a reservation at Shila – Sharon Cohen’s Kitchen & Bar in Tel Aviv or savour the innovative dishes at Machneyuda in Jerusalem.

Café Yehoshua:

Is a trendy spot, particularly popular among the residents of Tel Aviv.

Menu: Café Yehoshua offers a diverse menu catering to various tastes. From breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and salads to heartier main courses and desserts, the café serves a mix of international and local Israeli flavours.

Specialty Coffees and Beverages: One of the highlights of Café Yehoshua is its range of specialty coffees. Whether you’re a fan of a classic cappuccino, a cold brew, or more adventurous coffee concoctions, the café likely has something to satiate your caffeine cravings. Additionally, they often serve freshly squeezed juices and a variety of teas.


Is one of Jerusalem’s celebrated cafés, renowned for its pastries, rich history, and charming ambiance.

Specialties: Kadosh is renowned for its pastries. Whether it’s croissants, tarts, or the iconic Jerusalem cheesecake, every item on the menu is meticulously crafted. They also serve a variety of sandwiches, quiches, and other savoury delights.

Kosher: Like many establishments in Jerusalem, Kadosh is kosher. This ensures that the ingredients and preparation methods adhere to Jewish dietary laws.

Fresh Ingredients: The café prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Many pastries and dishes are made from scratch daily, ensuring freshness and flavour.

Shila-Sharon Cohen’s Kitchen Bar:

Is an esteemed culinary spot in Tel Aviv, popular among both locals and visitors. The restaurant has made a mark with its vibrant atmosphere and an array of mouth-watering dishes.

Menu: The restaurant serves a diverse range of dishes, blending Mediterranean flavours with international touches. The menu includes fresh seafood, juicy steaks, vibrant salads, and an array of appetizers for sharing. The dishes often showcase local ingredients, ensuring freshness and authenticity.

Cocktails and Drinks: Apart from the delectable food, Shila also boasts a robust drink menu. Their bartenders craft creative cocktails, and there’s a varied selection of wines, beers, and other beverages to complement the dishes.


Is one of Jerusalem’s most iconic culinary destinations. Renowned for its innovative approach to traditional Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine, this restaurant is a must-visit for food enthusiasts in the region.

Menu: The menu at Machneyuda changes frequently, reflecting the seasonality and availability of ingredients. This ensures that diners always get the freshest dishes. From delectable appetizers and mains to intricate desserts, every dish is a testament to the chefs’ creativity.

Signature Dishes: While the menu might change, some signature dishes have earned rave reviews, such as the polenta with asparagus, mushroom, and truffle oil or the beef tartare with plums.

Drinks: Apart from the culinary delights, Machneyuda also boasts a varied beverage menu, featuring local wines, creative cocktails, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Engage with the flavors

Israel is not just a tapestry of historical narratives and breathtaking landscapes; it’s a culinary storybook waiting to be explored one dish at a time. As you wind down your journey, the memories of flavours, aromas, and the warmth of Israeli hospitality will remain, urging you to return and taste more of this land’s offerings. To experience Israel is to savour it, and we hope this guide serves as your compass to its most delectable corners. Safe travels and bon appétit!

As the sun dips below the Mediterranean horizon, painting a silhouette of Jerusalem’s skyline, the myriad flavors of Israel remain etched in memory.

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