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Israel Jewish Tours FAQs


Israel Jewish tours are very popular among tourists of Jewish descent who account for more than half the tourists who flock to the country every year. From synagogue tours and mountain tours to Israel day tours and Jewish heritage tours, there are many tour packages to choose from and this can make it quite difficult to decide on which one to go for. Here are some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to the subject of Israel Jewish tours.

Who can go for these tours?

Jewish heritage tours are special tours designed with people of Jewish descent in mind. Their main purpose is to give the tourists a way to literally walk in the footsteps of their ancestors- to see the things they saw, do the things they recommend and visit the places that they went to. However, that said, there is still no restriction  for non-Jews who wish to go on the trips provided that they are comfortable with the destinations that are mapped out in the itinerary.

Which destinations are included?

The best Israel Jewish tours, such as the ones provided by ITAS, usually cover all the destinations that are of special significance in Jewish tradition, religion, culture and way of life. This includes places within and outside the capital. The specific destinations will, however, depend on the tour operator and the tour package that you choose.

How much do the tours cost?

The  costs of Jewish heritage cultures are not fixed and will differ from one tour operator to the next one depending on a number of factors such as the length of the tour, the type of tour package and the activities to be done while on the tour. But the good news is that most of the best tour operators will be quite happy to give you a free price quote upon request so that you can see exactly how much it costs.

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