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Magnificent Israel

Planning a multi-day trip to several locations by yourself can a bit challenging and demands a lot of preparation. For these reasons it is a great idea to select a tour operator that offers a variety of tours to choose from. You simply pick the best travel package that suits your budget to explore the amazing sites of the Holy Land. Israel is a centre of faith for three of the world’s great religions. A strategic crucible of modern world politics. A land of stunning natural beauty. An archaeologist’s dream. A place that has resonance for any traveller seeking answers to the great spiritual matters of our times. While many tours focus on one religious tradition or another, there are also Israel tours programs which follow a multicultural pathway through Israel’s many layers of religious heritage.

Trip Down The Memory Lane

Travelling in Israel is a journey through land that is many things to many people. If you are short on time or want an expertly organized tour program and are keen to see some of the best sites Israel have to offer, select the best tour operator for you. The Jewish tours to Israel will take you on a once in a lifetime tour as you connect with your rich Jewish heritage.

Israel Travel Advisory Service Tours take pride in their steadfast commitment to provide the very best customer service at every step of your Jewish Israel tour. Their expert staffs are happy to share their knowledge and ensure you receive the best possible travel experience. ITAS Tours strives to provide each traveller with personal care and attention.



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