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3 Expert Tips to Prepare For Jewish Israel Tours


If you get the chance to visit Israel on a Jewish heritage tour, you should take advantage of the opportunity and explore as much of the country as possible. Since there are so many places to explore and most of them are near each other, you can expect that you will be doing a lot of walking during most Israel vacation tours. So, the first tip to enjoying your tour of the country is to prepare for the walking. Of course, you do not necessarily have to be a marathon runner or anything like that, but you also don’t want to be left behind consistently by others in your group during the tour. If you are physically fit already then this should not be a problem but otherwise it would be a good idea to prepare by taking 20-minute walks daily prior to the trip. Still on walking tours, you must make sure that you bring along comfortable walking shoes if you want to keep your feet comfortable throughout the course of your trip.

Another important tip you should know about is with regards to shopping in the country. You should be happy to know that the US dollar is accepted in practically all stores in the country and you do not necessarily have to convert your money to local currency to shop around during Israel family tours. However, keep in mind that while they will take your money as given, the change you receive will usually be in the form of the Israeli shekel. Unless you are a math whizz who can covert the currencies in your head right away then you might want to make your purchases as close to their dollar valued equivalent as possible to avoid confusions with the change. You can also download a currency converter app to your smartphone, if you have one, prior to your trip.

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