Classic Jewish Heritage Tour

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Classic Jewish Heritage Tour

    Day 1


    Upon arrival, meet your guide & driver. Stretched along the beautiful beach strip of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is often considered the face of modern Israel. Nicknamed “The White City” for its abundance of Bauhaus architecture, Tel Aviv was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2003. Visit the Nachlat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Fair. It is the biggest of its kind in Israel, this typical street comes alive every Friday. Displaying Israeli-made crafts, jewelry, home décor and art, all goods on display are hand made and sold by the artists, making a visit to this market a memorable experience.

    Day 2


    Enjoy a day of leisure in Tel Aviv on your own. Visit the “Soho” of Tel Aviv and stroll Dizengoff St., Sheinkin St. & Rothschild Blvd. Filled with funky street vendors, boutiques and coffee shops, kiosks and local fast food stalls, Tel Aviv brings out the urban hipster in anyone who walks down these streets. On a beautiful day, nothing beats a walk along the beach. The Promenade runs the length of the city, from southern Jaffa to the northern Tel Aviv Port. Enjoy the cool sea breeze, the views of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv skyline and soak up the local atmosphere. Overnight in Tel Aviv..

    Day 3


    The Caesarea National Park contains the remains of a prestigious port city established by Herod the Great, which flourished during the Byzantine period. Visit the Roman Amphitheater, the Hippodrome horse racing arena, and the impressive Roman Aqueducts. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Akko dates back to the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III and was a central city of the Ottoman Empire. Stop by the market and stroll along shoreline walls built by the Ottoman governor using old Crusader stones. Formed over a period of thousands of years from waves hitting the soft chalk rock on Israel’s coast, these beautiful grottoes offer stunning views of waves crashing against the rocks and spraying the air. Ride up via cable car for the best view of this stunning site. During your stay at Kibbutz Lavi, you’ll get the chance to meet one of the Kibbutz residents for a mini tour and discussion about Lavi; a unique glimpse into the life of a “kibbutznik!” Dinner & Overnight: Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, Northern Israel

    Day 4


    Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel. It has served as a spiritual center since the 1600s, when famous Kabbalists roamed here. Tzfat awaits art lovers, soul-seekers and historians to cobblestone alleys, medieval synagogues, and mystical atmosphere.Take an exhilarating ride through the Golan Heights. With the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, you’ll venture up, down and all around the luscious green hills of the North. Keep an eye out for bright and blooming fields of flowers and wild animals grazing. Paneas (Banias) was first settled in the Hellenistic period following Alexander the Great’s conquest of the east. Later King Herods built a temple here; the ancient remains still stand in front of the cave. After Herod’s death, his son Philip founded his capital near the Banias. Visit Mitzpe Gadot lookout point. From Israel’s Independence in 1948 until the 6-Day War in 1967, Syrian troops stationed in the Golan Heights fired relentlessly on communities below. Jewish farmers plowed fields from behind tanks and children played, studied and slept inside shelters.

    Day 5


    Learn about Tiberias old & new, the ancient city founded in the 1st century sits on Israel’s main source of fresh water, the Sea of Galilee. Learn about the famous sages Rambam & Rabbi Akiva, their unique lives and circumstances of death; both are interred in Tiberias. Visit Beit She’an National Park, the largest archaeological park in Israel. It is here that King Saul was defeated by the Philistines in a vicious historical battle.  Later in the time of Alexander the Great, Beit She’an was reestablished as a Greek city with colonnaded streets, temples, theaters, and fountains. All this was devastated by an earthquake in 749CE, remnants of shrines and colonnaded streets were left behind. Continue on to Beit Alfa to see the remains of the ancient synagogue. Built during the Byzantine era, this excavated synagogue is most well-known for its miraculously well preserved mosaic filled with intricate artistic detail. The mosaic vividly portrays the Binding of Isaac, the Zodiac, and the Temple of Jerusalem. Visit Gan Hashlosha, chosen by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful parks. Here you’ll get a chance to relax and rejuvenate at one of the natural pools or jacuzzis that are idyllically situated below a flowing waterfall. Remember your bathing suites and let’s go swimming! End the day with a beautiful drive through the Jordan Valley and ascend to Jerusalem. We’ll stop at Mount Scopus as you enter the city to say the blessing of “Shehechayanu” to celebrate the joyous occasion of entering Jerusalem, our eternal Capital. Enjoy an evening at leisure in Jerusalem. Filled with boutique shops and locally owned cafes, Jerusalem is the opportune place to relax and shop. Explore the Machne Yehuda Market, the store lined streets of King George St. and Jaffa St. or head out to the fabulous restaurants on Emek Refaim Street. Overnight: Jerusalem.

    Day 6


    Begin the day with a visit to King David’s Tomb. Located on Mount Zion in a 1,000-year-old building, people come here to pay tribute to the great King David, who is most notably famous for composing the Book of Psalms and establishing a unified capital for Israel. A medieval tradition places his tomb at this location. Take a walk through the Old City. The Jewish Quarter remains one of the single most-visited spots in all of Israel. Nestled within one square kilometer of land lay millennia of ancient history. The Old City dates back to the 8th century BCE and is home to numerous historical landmarks. Visit the four Sephardic Synagogues. During the War of Independence, residents of the Jewish Quarter found cover here for two continuous weeks. After the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, these four synagogues were rehabilitated, and today they are frequented by the residents of the Jewish Quarter. Next tour the Jerusalem Archaeological Park and experience Second Temple-era Jerusalem on the eve of its destruction by the Romans. See a virtual reconstruction of the Temple, stroll the walkways of the surrounding city and see the remnants of the staircase that led to the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies. Tour the Western Wall Tunnels. These underground tunnels contain remnants of entire rooms from the Second Temple period. At Warren’s Gate, you’ll stand just a few feet away from where the Holy Ark stood, and feel the yearning of the Jewish people for the Temple for thousands of years. Next, visit the Tower of David Museum. The Tower of David served a military purpose until 1967, when it was re-captured by Israel and turned into a museum of Jerusalem’s history. Now you can view the most thorough collection of Jerusalem artifacts, from the Canaanite period 4,000 years ago up to today. In the evening, head back to the Tower of David’s rooftop for it’s “Night Spectacular” display. View an epic nighttime extravaganza of sight and sound, depicting the conquests of the Greeks, Romans, Turks and others, as they tried to overtake Jerusalem. This show is simply “Spectacular.” Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 7


    Visit the Western Wall – a remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple. People come from all over the world to pray at the wall and feel its strong presence. Write down your greatest wish and place it in the wall, following the tradition of thousands of years and millions of Jews. Next visit the Israel Museum. This museum is the largest cultural institution in Israel and one of the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. Here you will find the oldest existing biblical manuscripts in the world, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are housed in the Shrine of the Book. Continue on to Mount Herzl National Cemetery – a burial place for prominent Zionist figures such as Theodore Herzl, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin, here you will also find an expansive military cemetery; one quite full for a country so young. The loss of the soldiers who fought for the land of Israel is palpable. Visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, established as the world center for Holocaust research, education and commemoration. With survivor testimonies, powerful displays, and artifacts, this museum embodies one crucial message: Never again. On to Ammunition Hill where, on the night of June 6th, 1967, a four-hour battle took place in which 36 men lost their lives. You’ll view the trenches and reconstructed bunker that serves as a museum and tells the story of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem. Overnight: Jerusalem

    DAY 8


    Begin your day with a visit to Masada and explore what remains of King Herod’s palace. Take a peek into history as you view the preserved baths, cisterns and barracks. Next head to the Dead Sea. Yam Hamelach, literally meaning “Sea of Salt,” is 417 meters below sea level; the lowest place on earth. Its salty water contains unique healing properties, which, combined with the nutrient-filled mud found on its shores, creates one luxurious and healthy day. In the evening, unwind in your hotel room or visit the Western Wall (on your own). Friday nights come alive with tourists, soldiers and people from all over the world dancing together as they celebrate Shabbar, an unforgettable experience. Overnight: Jerusalem.

    DAY 9


    Shabbat Morning – finally some time to rest!  Enjoy a morning at leisure at your hotel and relax. If you feel up to exploring a bit visit Ben Yehuda Street. You’ll find all the restaurants, shops, street vendors, and street performances you could ask for. Sip a latte at one of Ben Yehuda’s many sidewalk cafes, grab a delicious, chocolate fro-yo, invest in some Judaica, and relax! Overnight: Jerusalem.

    DAY 10


    Farewell for now! Return home filled with a treasury of memories. Arrive USA same day.

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    Classic Jewish Heritage Tour Itinerary Highlights

      • Upon entering Jerusalem, honor your religious heritage by reciting the “Shehecheyanu” blessing.
      • Welcome Shabbat at the Western Wall
      • Dead Sea float
      • Israel Museum
      • Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
      • Rosh Hanikra
      • Jeep ride on the Golan Heights
      • Kibbutz Lavi Tour
      • Masada
      • Mt. Herzl National Cemetery
      • David’s Tower Night Spectacular
      • Sephardic Synagogues
      • Beit She’an National Park
      • Gan Hashlosha

    Features Included

      • 6 Full touring days
      • Full breakfast daily
      • 2 dinners at Kibbutz
      • Air-conditioned touring vehicles
      • Transfers to and from Ben Gurion Airport
      • Entrance fees to all sights visited per itinerary

    Not Included

        • Tips to guide, driver and hotel staff
        • Travel insurance – (highly recommended & available at an additional cost)
        • Petra optional tour
        • Airfare
        • Extra meals
        • Personal expenses
        • Anything not mentioned as included

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    Prices are based on double occupancy.  For a single room, the single supplement must be added.

    Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance is optional and highly recommended – available at an additional charge.


    is the responsibility of the passenger. Any/all damage or loss must be reported at time of incident and documented in writing by local authorities for submission to the insurance company.

    Passports & Visas

    Each passenger must have a valid passport, and it must be valid for six months after your arrival in Israel. For U.S. citizens, a visa is not required for Israel; no immunizations or vaccinations are required.


    $250 per person with reservation. Final Payment is due 60 days prior to departure.


    Any requested change in the basic program will result in a charge of $150 per person/per change plus any additional charges that may apply for revised air or land arrangements.


    Airline schedules and flights are subject to change without notice. It is recommended that passengers arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure to insure adequate check-in time.

    Cancellation Policy

    All cancellations must be sent to ITAS in writing signed by the person who made the reservation and are effective when received by ITAS. No refunds for cancellations received after tour departure, during the tour, or for any unused portion of the tour.

    Penalties for Israel Land Portion:

      • Up to 90 days prior to departure no penalty
      • From 89-61 days prior to departure date $150.00 cancellation fee
      • From 60-46 days prior to departure date $250.00 cancellation fee
      • From 45-25 days prior to departure date $500
      • From 24 days prior to departure or less, including no shows – no refund

    Penalties for Air Portion:

    Depending on the airline regulations. Penalties may be equal to the cost of the ticket.


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    We’ve done a lot traveling and never had a better trip – I would definitely recommend ITAS to my friends and especially tour guide Ron Singer.
    Jerome Weisman, Jewish Heritage Tour
    Our synagogue has enjoyed three great tours of Israel during the past four years under the leadership of ITAS. They provided a safe, well-planned and exciting tour each time. When we go, we go with ITAS.
    Rabbi J. L. Meril, Temple B’nai Torah Tour
    Everything was amazing, can’t say enough about our experience. Danni, our tour guide, made it the best trip we’ve ever had on a bus tour. Israel is amazingly beautiful and made us very proud of our Jewish heritage.
    Ruth & Alan Press
    Your commitment and passion to Israel and its people has inspired us… ITAS is very professional, experienced, and committed to providing a pleasant and memorable tour experience.
    Allen & Jackie Pollack, Adult Tour
    Best trip and tour guide. Totally enjoyable, informative and exciting. Would highly recommended ITAS.
    Sheldon Steiner, Jewish Heritage Tour
    Your tour and your guides were beyond expectation. A well coordinated trip from start to finish. We gave you some (unexpected requests) a bat mitzvah at the Wall and two couples renewing their vows in the beautiful gardens of Israel. You handled each with the professionalism that we expected, and we all love every minute of it.
    Ellen & Stan Hulkower, Bar Mitzvah Family Tour
    This was our first guided tour and it was set a very high standard for any tours I book in the future.
    Harry Gusof, Jewish Heritage Tour
    This tour was exceptional. I have been to Israel before but did not have the experiences I had on this tour. I enjoyed everything and Dan, our tour guide, was wonderful.
    Betty Wilinski, Jewish Heritage Tour

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